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Tammy Ho Lai-Ming. Interview published 14/1/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

The Unknown Show with Bud Smith. I was interviewed on 7/1/2014.

The Works of JA Tyler. Interview published 28/12/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

The Desert Places by Robert Kloss & Amber Sparks. Interview published 19/12/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

The Hangman’s Ritual by Nick Antosca. Interview published 11/12/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

Fish Bites Cops! by David James Keaton. Interview published 4/12/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

Understories by Tim Horvath. Interview published 27/11/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

My Pet Serial Killer and The Laughter of Strangers by Michael J Seidlinger. Interview published 21/11/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

The House Enters the Street by Gretchen Henderson. Interview published 16/11/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

The Shape of Blue by Liz Scheid. Interview published 6/11/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

The Book of Rayla by Ytasha L Womack. Interview published 30/10/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

The Devotional Poems by Joe Hall. Interview published 23/10/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

No by Ocean Vuong. Interview published 16/10/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

Don’t Kiss Me by Lindsay Hunter. Interview published 9/10/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

Machine by Jennifer Pelland. Interview published 2/10/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

At the Mouth of the River of Bees by Kij Johnson. Interview published 25/9/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

Gears by Alex Pruteanu. Interview published 19/9/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

Piano Rats by Franki Elliot. Interview published 11/9/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

Japan Conquers the Galaxy by Kirsten Alene. Interview published 4/9/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

(  ). Novelette serialised during August 2013 at Manarchy Magazine.

Poisonhorse by Brandi Wells. Interview published 28/8/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

The United States of Banana by Giannina Braschi. Interview published 23/8/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

The Hysterectomy Waltz by Merrill Joan Gerber. Interview published 16/8/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

The Sister is the Sister. Short story published 31/7/2013 in Cipher Sister: A ThunderDome Anthology.

Billie the Bull by xTx. Interview published 7/8/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

My Only Wife by Jac Jemc. Interview published 31/7/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

Whatever Don’t Drown Will Always Rise by Justin Lawrence Daugherty. Interview published 24/7/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

The Sound of Loneliness and To Die upon a Kiss by Craig Wallwork. Interview published 17/7/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

Salamandrine: 8 Gothics by Joyelle McSweeney. Interview published 10/7/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

Before & Afterlives by Christopher Barzak. Interview published 3/7/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

Watering Heaven by Peter Tieryas Liu. Interview published 26/6/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

Beasts & Men by Curtis Smith. Interview published 12/6/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

Edie & the Low-hung Hands by Brian Allen Carr. Interview published 5/6/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

What Precision, Such Restraint by Phil Jourdan. Interview published 29/5/2013 at Monkeybicycle.

Before & Afterlives by Christopher Barzak. Book review published 20/5/2013 at The Lit Pub.

The Place Beyond the Pines by Derek Cianfrance. Film review published 26/4/2013 at Manarchy Magazine.

To the Wonder by Terrence Malick. Film review published 19/4/2013 at Manarchy Magazine.

Of Dinosaurs and Childhood. Essay/film review published 11/4/2013 at Manarchy Magazine.

I’m not Saying, I’m just Saying by Matthew Salesses. Interview published 11/4/2013 at Heavy Feather Review.

Of North Korea. Essay published 10/4/2013 at Manarchy Magazine.

My Pet Serial Killer by Michael J Seidlinger. Book review published 15/2/2013 at Word Riot.

Monogamy Songs by Gregory Sherl. Book review published 15/2/2013 at Word Riot.

Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things by Richard Calder. Book review published 30/1/2013 at The Lit Pub.

The Alligators of Abraham by Robert Kloss. Book review published 15/1/2013 at Word Riot.

Town of Shadows by Lindsay SternBook review published 14/1/2013 at The Lit Pub.

Jagannath by Karin Tidbeck. Book review published 9/1/2013 at InDigest Magazine.

The Best Books of 2012. Book list published 9/1/2013 at Manarchy Magazine.

The Warlord of the Air by Michael Coorcock. Book review published 8/1/2013 at Manarchy Magazine.

Beneath the Liquid Skin by Berit Ellingsen. Book review published 2/1/2013 at InDigest Magazine.

Water by JA Tyler. Book review published 18/12/2012 at Heavy Feather Review.

Life of Pi by Ang Lee. Film review published 30/11/2012 at Manarchy Magazine.

Black God by Ben Spivey. Novella review published 26/11/2012 at Heavy Feather Review.

The Fifty Year Sword by Mark Z Danielewski. Novella review published 19/11/2012 at Manarchy Magazine.

To Eternity. Short story published 31/10/2012 in Horror Factory.

My Beautiful Boy. Short story published 30/10/2012 at Manarchy Magazine.

Cloud Atlas by the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer. Film review published 29/10/2012 at Manarchy Magazine.

Top Ten Films of my Lifetime. A list of films published 24/10/2012 at Manarchy Magazine.

All Memories are Traces of Tears. Short story published 29/10/2012 at Curbside Splendor Publishing.

Of Violence and Americanism. An essay published 13/10/2012 at Manarchy Magazine.

Of Religion and Science. An essay published 10/10/2012 at Manarchy Magazine.

Parallel Stories: A Novel by Péter Nádas. Novel review published 7/10/2012 at The Lit Pub.

Four Messages by Joshua Cohen. Book review published 3/10/2012 at Manarchy Magazine.

Looper by Rian Johnson. Film review published 1/10/2012 at Manarchy Magazine.

The Master by Paul Thomas Anderson. Film review published 24/9/2012 at Manarchy Magazine.

Quintessence of Dust by Craig Wallwork. Book review published 18/8/2012 at The Lit Pub.

Growing up Dead in Texas by Stephen Graham Jones. Novel review published 15/8/2012 at Word Riot.

We Make Mud by Peter Markus. Novel review published 4/7/2012 at The Lit Pub.

As a Machine and Parts by Caleb J Ross. Novel review published 27/6/2012 at The Lit Pub.

Curiouser and Curiouser. Interview with me published 29/5/2012.

Ash Cinema. Novel published 31/3/2012 at KUBOA Press.

A Tendency to be Gone by Pamela Ryder. Book review published 22/12/2011 at The Lit Pub.

All the Dreams you Dreamt Retold. Short story published 17/11/2011 in In Search of a City: Los Angeles in 1,000 Words.

Unaccustomed Mercy by DB Cox. Book review published 22/9/2011 at ThunderDome.

Reprise. Short story published 18/9/2011 at Short, Fast, and Deadly.

The Part of me I Leave Behind. Travel piece published 13/9/2011 at ThunderDome.

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Novel review published 11/9/2011 at The Lit Pub.

Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian. Novel review published 2/9/2011 at The Lit Pub.

Ledfeather by Stephen Graham Jones. Novel review published 1/9/2011 at The Lit Pub.

The Orange Eats Creeps by Grace Krilanovich. Novel review published 31/8/2011 at The Lit Pub.

The Book of Lazarus by Richard Grossman. Novel review published 30/8/2011 at The Lit Pub.

Now Here is Nowhere. Short story published 15/8/2011 at ThunderDome.

Booked Podcast. Interview with me published 26/7/2011.

My First Kiss at the Public Execution. Short story published 23/7/2011 at Rotten Leaves Magazine.

The Tree of Life. Short story published 22/7/2011 in Warmed and Bound: A Velvet Anthology.

Aimless / Phoneless / Loveless. Travel piece published 15/7/2011 at ThunderDome.

Tracks of Time. Short story published 7/2011 at Full of Crow Quarterly Fiction.

The Hand of God. Short story published 1/6/2011 at Dirty Noir.

Cannibal Cabaret. Short story published 5/5/2011 at ThunderDome.

The First Words of the Last Poet. Short story published 2/5/2011 at Outside Writers Collective.

Don’t Leave. Short story published 1/5/2011 at Outside Writers Collective.

My Brief Empyrean Sojourn. Short story published 2/4/2011 at ThunderDome.

Upon the Sons. Short story published 1/3/2011 at ThunderDome.

My On Fire Girl. Short story published 1/2/2011 at ThunderDome.

Writer’s Banquet. Interview with me published 16/12/2010.

The Road to Gwangju. Travel piece published 3/12/2010 at ThunderDome.

Après le Déluge. Short story published 25/11/2010 at Foundling Review.

All Tomorrow’s Parties. Short story published 21/11/2010 at Short, Fast, and Deadly.

The Pier. Short story published 11/10/2010 at Outside Writers Collective.

My Grandfather’s Eyes. Short story published 31/7/2010 at Foundling Review.

Keys on Fire. Short story published 1/6/2010 at Grey Sparrow Press.

Seasonal. Short story published 1/6/2010 at Grey Sparrow Press.

The Fall. Short story published 25/4/2010 at Short, Fast, and Deadly.

First Breath. Short story published 24/4/2010 at Bartleby Snopes.

FireFlies. Short story published 31/3/2010 at Outside Writers Collective.

Ballad of the Thin Man. 15/3/2010 Absent Willow Review.

Ghoul. Short story published 10/3/2010 at Writers’ Bloc 9.

The Mirror. 27/2/2010 Rotten Leaves Magazine.

Song for Shadows. Short story published 18/1/2010 in Eternal Night Anthology. Living Dead Press.

Open your Eyes. Short story published 28/12/2009 at Red Fez.

When the Devil Came, He was not Red. Short story published 31/10/2009 at Colored Chalk

Whiteout. Short story published 31/1/2009 at Colored Chalk

Bury Me. Short story published 30/11/2008 at Colored Chalk

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