It’s a new year and i intend to keep it sorted in my head. And i guess that’s the reason for this. Last year i had one of these guys to keep track of my time abroad and so i could share things with you folk, but this is something else. Maybe more personal? Not sure. Anyrate, it’s something and i want this year ordered because something big is on its way. Life is going to drastically change this year. I can feel it in my bones.

Some do a list of resolutions, but that’s not what this is. Or, essentially, it is the same thing, just with more words. I’ve some things i want to have done, that i need to do. Life’s building and crescendo-ing towards something, and so i’ll write it all down.

But, yeah, i’m going to post once a day for the next year. Sometimes just a word or three, sometimes big long sweeping posts of incoherency. But i intend to do it everyday in some way shape or form. My successes, my failures, my loves, and loves lost. It’ll all be here.

That’s all for today. Oh, and this video’s for you, my pretty little children.

Take care, and join me on my journey.