I’ve been all flim flammed the past couple days, or, i guess, week. Me head’s kind of all over the place and i’m moody, which isn’t very strange, but it’s probably bothersome to others, but, really, they should be used to such activity from me. Just this general annoyance with everyone and everything. it comes, but it goes, and i can smile and fly once more.

Not today, though. Intolerably bored and i think i’m a bit lonely, as this time of year tends to make you. The outside, this barrenness, this impenetrable white, it seeps inside and burrows deep until your lungs seize up and your heart beats black. You see these faces, look in their eyes, and it’s all vacant, as empty as this month where time stands still and everything’s dead.

And i see angels, hear them, for surely they hang around when there’s naught else to do.

We’re bound together

by a thin red wire.

You hold me up with shaky hands

just to watch me tumble

down that hole.

You’re off with another,

but i’ll tug on that wire

and you dig me out

with a kiss on the eye.

‘I’ll never let you go.’

and i believe

because you say so.

The formatting’s retarded there. I should delete it. It’s a stupid poem and i hate writing poems unless they make me laugh while i’m writing them, but, whatever, i can do whatever i want here because it’s my stupid site.