Sunset: Part III: Preacher Man

I added a link to it in the Publications page over on the right sidebar as well.

Um, if you’ve not been reading from the beginning, go check out Part I and II. It’s not really a continuous story, more a lot of interweaving stories about the death of the world, which, lately, has been an obsession of mine, though, really, everything’s always about the end in one way or another.

In other news, Conan O’Brien’s show is great right now since he’s aiming attacks at NBC over this whole debacle wherein he may lose his show, which is the only late night show worth watching. Only one that’s ever been worth watching during my lifetime.

Also, this latest season of Scrubs, while being nowhere near as good as any previous season, brings some great laughs and it’s solely because of David Franco who plays Cole.

Everything he says is hilarious and I love it.

Anyway, check out my new short.