Last night was hilarious, like most nights these days. Reminded me how much i miss certain people, too.

Pretty girls, they swirl and their hair unfurls whilst they twirl.

Lately, i’ve been waking up with my phone buzzing. See, it vibrates and it vibrates every five minutes unless i do something about it. Due to too much drinking, i’ve slept for hours while this buzzing happens and i keep my phone on my bed because when it’s on my table it startles and scares me too much. Loud noises, ya dig? Anyway, my dreams are all quakey like the world’s ending because of this vibrating bed i sleep on. Which is also pretty funny.

Everything’s funny these days.

Jon Friedman is my hero of the day. Me and Dan [who i’ve been giving nicknames, or trying to give him nicknames, so far there’s D, Danimal, Diesel, and something else, but i think i’m gonna stick with Diesel because it makes me howl with laughter] have been watching his videos all day and they’re just brilliant.

Check out The Rejection Show.