I’ve had fifty hits today and I have no idea why. Very cool, though. Maybe a bunch of spambots found me here. Anyway, the big news i mentioned last week is ready today.

Click the picture to go to Living Dead Press’ website and get the full information from there. Or, i’ll just copy it.

Eternal Night: A Vampire Anthology

Blood, fangs, darkness and terror…these are the calling cards of the vampire mythos.

Inside this tome are stories that embrace vampire history but seek to introduce a new literary spin on this longstanding fictional monster. Follow a dark journey through cigarette-smoking creatures hunted by rogue angels, vampires that feed off of thoughts instead of blood, immortals presenting the fantastic in a local rock band, to a legendary monster on the far reaches of town.

Forget what you know about vampires; this anthology will destroy historical mythos and embrace incredible new twists on this celebrated, fictional character.

Welcome to a world of the undead, welcome to the world of Eternal Night.

Stories by: Axel Taiari, Chris Deal, Tony Schaab, Kelly M. Hudson, Simon West-Bulford, Jessy Marie Roberts, Christopher Dwyer, Anthony Giangregorio, Richard Thomas, Spencer Wendleton, Edward J. Rathke, David H. Donaghe, Caleb Ross, Nik Korpon, Rob X Roman, and G.R. Mosca.

Some of these are friends of mine and great, great writers.

The link to Amazon is up there in the Anthology title. You can buy it for $15.99 plus shipping.

Very excited about this and to be included in it. There was a bit of a mishap with my story. My story Open Your Eyes was meant to be in there, but through some confusion, it had to be removed. The story i have in there is much shorter, but i quite like it. But, yeah, so very cool to be in one of these actual books you can buy and have in your hands. Check it out if you’ve a penny or three.