I’m impressed i’ve been able to keep this up every day, truth be told. I mean, last year i could barely be assed to post every couple of weeks. I think i’ve hit some kind of stride. It’s kind of like running. The first mile is the hardest, getting started and finding that groove, but the last three or four, oddly enough, are much easier, especially the last one.

Anyrate, been reaccumulating all the music i lost due to technological failures. Though, at this point, i’ve only gotten instrumental bands and composer because, really, it’s probably 90% of what i listen to these days. I’ll pick up the rest some other day. Maybe.

Also, Eternal Night, the Vampyre [i think it should always be spelled like this] Anthology that i’m in is now in stock at Amazon. Just click that name over there and it’ll take you to the place where dreams are bought. You know, if you feel like it.

It’s a bright day and it’s almost afternoon. Hopefully going to get some writing done today.