It’s about 330pm and i’ve only left my bed for the briefest of times to eat chipotle with good man Dewderonomy. He was in Hawaii for all of January, but he’s back now, and we like it that way.

Last night was a goodly time with goodly people. Merriment and all that, but i feel like the dead newly risen today, which is a mixture of goodness and badness, of course.

Recently finished Amnesiascope by Stever Erickson who becomes more and more my hero with each passing day. He makes me infinitely jealous, breaks my heart, makes me laugh, makes me never want to consider writing again, and inspires me like no one else. Reading one of his books is an experience that can’t really be described. Anyway, there are a few parts of that book that just struck me as so perfect and beauteous and true.

First, a conversation between the narrator and a woman. They’re discussing the nature of women.

‘Well…’ I fumbled. ‘Women are less forgiving.’


‘They’re less willing to take responsibility for their contradictions.’

She didn’t say anything to that.

‘They’re less romantic.’

‘They’re less romantic?’

‘Of course that isn’t necessarily a good or a bad thing.’

‘Women are less romantic than men?’


‘I don’t think so.’

‘Actually, it’s the only thing I’m reasonably certain of.’

‘I don’t know any women who would agree with that.’

‘That’s because for a woman, romanticism is a pattern of behavior, or maybe a ritual, whereas for men it’s a matter of life and death. Assuming he’s the sort of man who was ever willing to die for anything in the first place.’

And then some fifty pages later.

One invents one’s beauty as one invents one’s name or destiny or dream; and a thousand exchanges transpire between the dreamers: I will be the face of your dream, if you will be the dream to which I can give a face.

That last sentence there, especially that one, more so than most entire novels that i’ve read, absolutely crushes me, sucks the air right out of me, and leaves me a collapsed marionette.

Check him out if you’ve an extra day or three to read a novel that will change you.