thirty four

Yesterday i was talking with my professor about phenomenological psychology. Mostly about those kind of deja vu moments or when you have a dream or think of something and then it happens a day or a month later. He’s planning on constructing a study investigating that and what cognitively is going on or what kind of cognitive implications it has or what is different about people who have these experiences. I tend to have them pretty frequently, at least once a month, i’d say. My initial reaction was that i probably have them because i’ve extremely vivid dreams and a pretty poor memory. It causes me to confuse what’s real with what’s not and the like. And dreams are just a lot of random data and memories and sounds and colors all colliding and running around in your brain because of all the synaptic firing that goes on. It makes sense to me that the stronger your dreams are or the better you remember them, the more likely it is for you to have these experiences.

You get a face, a person, a place, some sounds, maybe a sentence or a song or a scene from a movie all hitting at once, so when you experience something similar in reality, you get this sensation that it’s happened before.