sixty six

I’m consistently dismayed by my psychiological psychology professor. He seems to not know anything and when we ask him questions, he’ll just tell us that he doesn’t know, so we needn’t know it. But, you know, we might need to know it. No one’s absolved for ignorance, so if, later in our college or professional career, someone asks us why we don’t know this or that about the synapse, My professor never told me, will not be a tolerable response.

Anyway, can’t remember if i mentioned this or not, but the series i’m writing for Troubadour 21 is currently on hiatus. I was feeling rushed, so i told her i was out for a while. I mean, it’s my name, it’s my series, and i’m not comfortable publishing things just because she’ll push them out. So, yeah, that’s why the next segment didn’t come out today.

Certification classes begin this weekend, so i won’t be doing any partying for a while.

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