eighty two

Got another acceptance today from a place i’ve been trying to get into for months. Bartelby and Snopes, which is one of the coolest places around, i think. Hard to get into, too, with only an 11% acceptance rate, which makes it the hardest publication i’ve yet to get into. I’ve added a link to the side, as well as two more to the other places i received acceptances from this weekend. An awesome weekend for my writerly aspirations and, really, just a great weekend in general. Just got my teaching abroad certification, so in the coming months i’ll be looking for a job overseas, which will, of course, intertwine with a life i will soon be leading abroad. Again.

Now spring break has officially begun and i feel all kinds of awesome.

Adding a song i quite love at the minute, though it really doesn’t suit the gorgeous weather or my beatific mood. Still, wait for the sun to set and give this a listen, maybe with a bit of love in your heart. Or heartbreak.

Take care, Star Child.