one hundred ten

My story First Breath is available today at Bartleby Snopes, which is so very cool and i’m proud to find myself over there, because it’s a great magazine. Further, if you want to see me rise like the phoenix, you can vote for my story to be Story of the Month, which puts me in the biannual print magazine there, which would be even cooler. Voting can be done here.

Good Man Alex Martin described my writing as painting, which i think is quite fitting, because i’m much more about images than i am about plot. I fell in love with silence, with stillness, and i’ve never been able to get away from it. Really, i think i write two kinds of stories: ones like this, which are paintings, and the other kind is more of a fable or a myth or some such thing, like a bit of magic.

Oh, and it looks like my microfiction The Fall is up over at Short, Fast, and Deadly, as well. They do stories that fit within a facebook status update, which is to say >420 characters. Very cool.

Anyway, remember to vote for me for the Story of the Month at Bartleby Snopes and check out Short, Fast, and Deadly.

Thank ye, Starchild.