one hundred twenty eight

University classes are done for the year for all. Done for good for us. Tonight is for merrymaking. So is tomorrow. So is next week.

We’re leaving a life behind, all of us, and it’s scary and exciting. I’m not sure i’ll survive real life, but i’ll die spectacularly, wandering, vagabonding.

Now, though, i can get back to trying to be a writer. I think i’ve a story coming out this month, but next month’s still open, and i need to lock it down quick like. We’ll see. I’ve a lot of stories floating around out there right now.

The weather’s turned around and i can breathe, but i’m sick, so not doing it well.


one hundred twenty seven

I missed yesterday somehow. Completely slipped my mind.

Today, i finished my very last day of class as a student. Might be a permanent thing, unless i decide to go to graduate studies someday. Maybe i will, maybe i won’t. Impossible to say at this stage in the game.

This life is ending and it’s to be replaced by one that i can’t make out, all blurred at the edges and behind a shroud of mist. My dreams know, for they have been there.

Time to find a job, i suppose.