one hundred forty seven

Once upon a time, i fell in love with a dream.

I had the same dream every night for a long long long time.

It’s funny or strange or ironic maybe how many hours i’ve spent in my life not sleeping, not dreaming. Even now, going on about four hours of sleep and i’ve been up for nineteen hours. I remember the days when i never even bothered to close my eyes, the high school years, middle school,¬†elementary, even. And then the weeks i spent awake through college, always hiding from that one dream. She scared me. Still does.

Insomnia does weird things to you. You drift, and i’m sure it’s part of why i have no memory.

I fell in love with a dream.

I fell too deep. Still do. For miles and miles and miles into the sky until what i am disappears and what i dream blossoms.

I fell in love with a dream.

With black hair and violet eyes.