one hundred fifty seven

Germany won fantastically today, which bodes well for my sensibilities. I always champion Deutschland in World Cups and Winter Olympics. Counting on Miroslav Klose to break the score record this year, which would find me ecstatic.

TrueBlood premier on tonight, and they’ve added werewolves, so they have me. If you know me, you know my whole life is tied to lycanthropy. Never can rightly escape.

Anyway, a few days ago i posted a documentary about media coverage in the Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land, which i’d encourage you to watch. I’ve nothing against the state of Israel in general, and don’t care why it is a state or how it came to be one. That’s not my concern. I accept it’s a country because it simply is. My issue is with aggression and violence.

This is the violence of Hitler/Mao/Stalin and it’s happening right now and funded by our taxes. It’s right intolerable. It’s endless, this kind of violence and aggression. It’s a tragedy and it makes me sick.

In anycase, to brighten the mood a bit, listen.

It grows on you.