one hundred sixty three

I worked out today.

I’m getting podgy and i don’t like it. There’re a few things i need to be doing, but i keep putting them off, which is the epitome of stupid, but, c’est la vie. I’m an idiot. Nothing new, nothing new.

There’re many depictions of Lucifer and i’ve always been partial to batwings and horns. Not overblown horns, though, and i don’t like redness, but the batwings–which look tres awesome–are a must for me. Though, when writing Satan into things, it’s best to hide the wings and horns or things’re too obvious. Though, really, i write death more than Satan, but i think they’re the same.

The Devil is just an angel who asked for more

I believe i’m misquoting Craig Clevenger there, but i’m sure he’ll forgive. Anyrate, Lucifer isn’t evil. Lucifer, like all of us, is just playing the role he must in foreverternity.

Interestingly, to me anyway, i do believe in the devil. The devil makes sense. Something for us to blame all of our badness upon.

Poor Lucifer.

I guess they’d call this Sympathy for the Devil.