one hundred seventy five

Went to the Taste of Minnesota yesterday, which was all kinds of fun, though no drinking was to be done, what with all the money a beer cost. Saw Dawes, The Walkmen, POS [my first time seeing a rap performance], and Atmosphere [which only took me ten years to finally bother to see]. It was pretty great, i must admit.

In a great mood waking up because Germany beat Argentina 4-0. Exciting and crazy result, that. After Brazil was out yesterday, i was kind of betting on Argentina to win the whole thing, but, man alive, i’m so very happy Germany won. They’re my team, ya dig? Too, Klose scored two goals, bringing his World Cup total to fourteen, which is tied with the most World Cup goals by a German and just one behind Ronaldo, the all-time World Cup goal record of fifteen. Two more goals and my prediction holds true, which is always awesome.

Word on the street is Tucker’s back in town.

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