one hundred seventy seven

Judd Apatow, while making some very funny movies, is a terrible filmmaker. The way he uses a camera, the angles, the movements, it’s all wrong and transparent and annoying. Distractingly so. He should just stick to writing. Though, too, Funny People is too long, and kind of uneven.

See, the camera should be invisible in a film. It should only accentuate storytelling, aid it, never distract from it or overpower it. It’s the tool one uses to convey unspoken meaning. It’s like syntax for written stories. The style should elevate the story without taking away from it. Apatow has no vision, i think. Amateurish, mostly, the way he slowzooms and pans. It’s artificial looking and feeling, like the camera’s trying to force emotional tension.

This is a real filmmaker.