one hundred eighty eight

Missed yesterday, but saw Inception, which probably doesn’t need a preview attached.

It was infinitely awesome and surely the best movie of the year. See, Christopher Nolan is one of the most talented and creative men in Hollywood, in filmmaking in general. He tackles dense subject matter, conceptually deep, mesmerising, and mindbending, while creating structurally complex movies, and keeping the audience entertained with action.

In Memento, he goes after the transience of memory and identity in a very concrete manner, with a protagonist who can’t make new ones. Structurally, we move backwards through it and there’s plenty of running around and detective work to keep anyone entranced. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are his most straightforward movies, but he pulls them out of the mire of superherodom, and makes them something lasting. He creates powerful characters and, of course, the action’s there because of the nature of such stories. Too, nothing is what it seems in either film, with bends and twists that surprise the audience. The Dark Knight is an especially accomplished feat, with the unforgettable Joker played by Ledger, which really makes the film. The storyline is a┬ákaleidoscope of emotions, thrills, explosions, and growth. There’s less character building then Batman Begins, but the character of the Joker comes through so strong, he really becomes unforgettable. The best example of that is the scene where he confronts the underworld of Gotham and propositions them.

In three seconds, we know everything we need to know about the Joker. The Prestige gets back to complications and the mindbending nature so perfect in Nolan’s films. Less action, but we’re never disappointed or even slowed down. He’s a master of pacing and storytelling.

Inception, though, is a whole nother beast. Just go see it. Today. It’ll blow your mind in ways most things can’t.