two hundred one

Shutter Island, Scorsese’s latest film, is dreadful. He, Scorsese, excels at gritty real, albeit historically inaccurate, stories. He makes those worlds come to life very well, with the unrelenting underworld of america seething through every pore. Shutter Island, though called for a director with more flair, more style. It’s about the realĀ unravelling, and it was the first film of his career where he worked outside his comfort zone, that being outside gangsters and degenerates. He gets the real down here, but he doesn’t know how to twist it, how to bend reality to make the viewer appreciate the journey. Rather, he relies on shitty CGI effects, which could’ve easily been done in camera. I mean, why not make a storm rather than digitise one? Why now dump all those papers into the air, rather than digitise? Same with the ash, maybe the most potentially powerful scene in the film. He ruined it through laziness. It made him seem an old man fascinated with technology, but hopeless in utilising this fantastic thing before him.

It’s done hackfully and it all falls apart. The only things done right in the film were the casting, which is phenomenal, and then he used this song.

Don’t see this movie.

Do see this one.