two hundred twenty

If you’re a regular visitor here, you’ve surely noticed that i’ve not made a daily post in several days, and there’re several reasons for that, but, mostly, i’ve decided to quit this because i find it tedious and unpleasant, and tedium and unpleasantness are meant to be avoided at all costs. Too, my natural inclination to forgetfulness has consistently gotten the better of me. One would think that this habit of every day posting would compel me to post no matter what, but i prove untrainable, and habits don’t take.

Somehow over the last year or so, i’ve grown more politically conscious, which is a bane in and of itself, and i’ve no idea where all this information came from and how it’s seeped so deep into me, all the injustices, the tyrannical┬ápersecutions┬áround the world, and the inflated nonsensical nature of government, especially ours, which is so deep in the hands of the few, that reigns cannot be taken back from them, which is surely a sign of the atrocities inherent to the overwhelming capitalistic system that america and the rest of the world have trenched themselves in.

I encourage you to watch that, because it is the only intelligent thing that’s been said about this Islamic Community Center in Manhattan. I’m disgusted, truly, with the rampant idiocy of these rabblerousers, and i fear for america. And there’s so much to say that i’ll just forego the pleasure.

America’s in a rough spot for many selfinflicted reasons, and i think we’re heading for a fall in the next couple decades, which will turn us back and bring the Idea, the Dream back to us and americans will be Americans and the american government will once again be theirs, instead of this revolting pseudoaristocracy.

In brighter news, ballet’s quite nice to watch. The art of the body is not to be forgot. Also, i’ve all these theories about cinema that i should collect and write down, and i should be a film critic and film theorist, but there’s time yet. I dreamt a few days ago that i finished a novel and i may start writing it soon, so there’s that, too.

And then, for a finale, i should be hearing back this week or next week about prospective employers in South Korea and Japan. I think i’d prefer Japan, but i think i’d love South Korean.

All right, that’s all, and i won’t be back till i feel like it, which will likely be whenever this story that was supposed to come out two weeks ago finally appears.

Adios, StarChild.

two hundred seventeen

I keep forgetting to hit days. My mind’s been all over the place this last fortnight, and it’s probably perplexing to be my friend.

Traveling across time and space and dimension just to catch glimpses of that which never dies, which always is: art–film. From the silent era ruled by germans to the now where the most exciting cinema happens in the least likely places: korea, the danes, and the scandinaves.

There’re so many things to talk about, but i never feel that i’ve the time to sit and pound them out on these keys.

Maybe soonishly. But, for now, pretending Truffaut: watching three a day.

two hundred fifteen

My new television obsession is IRIS, which is a Korean series about North and South Korean special forces, essentially. It borrows its look heavily from Bourne, with the handheld camera and the shifting points of view.

I quite like it, and it stars Lee Byung-hun, who’s always great. Lots of fun, this show.