two hundred four

If i end up in Japan, I think i now know where i want to live. I was chatting with some Japanese girls today, which is one of the few nice things about my job–i get to meet people from literally all over the world and talk to them–and they told me some interesting things, and we had a nice little talk about life. Anycase, Osaka seems the place to be, so i’ll be focusing there, but we’ll see where the wind blows me.

Osaka Castle above. Osaka’s a big city, second biggest in Japan, but, apparently, it’s much more manageable than Tokyo–which they described as crazy–and the people are kinder and more fun, which, yeah, i’m all for such qualities. Too, it’s quite near the two old capitals of Japan, which’re places i was planning on traveling to, anyway. Double too, they have the best food, or so i’m led to believe.

So, yeah, things’re rolling forward, but you never can tell what’s round the next bend.

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