two hundred seven

I’ve been sleeping unnaturally well lately. No waking up in the mid of night, no waking up in cold sweats, no inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, sleeping the whole night through, dreaming like i’m scheming. It was peculiar, but i guess this is how most people’s nights are. Anyrate, that ended today, as i’ve been awake since five or so and can’t find a proper way to fall under again.

William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops [not sure why i linked there, as i could’ve linked almost anywhere but, but i thought you should have a link to somewhere so as to know what i’m gabbing about, and wikipedia’s too easy] have been have been running my day, which is quite pleasant. Ambience constructed and collapsed. Very interesting, and endless, it seems. The belly of a dying god. That’s what it sounds like. Not the stomach, but that space, the vastness of an ocean captured inside a case so grand there’s no ceiling, no walls, just space, but before you realise, it starts crumbling: disintegrates.

A taste:

It might not change your life, but maybe it should.

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