is here and i’m so very ready for it. The weather’s already perfect, about 60 degrees, a nice strong wind, and clouds cradling the sky. I feel alive.

Been awhile and now that i don’t do this every day, I’m titling my posts. Gonna be brief, though.

Firstly, i just wrote a novel and i’m elated to an insane degree. Just a few months ago i thought i’d never writing one, just be one of those guys who forever writes short stories. Then, Sunday night, i halfjokingly thought to myself, I’m going to write a novel by Friday. Of course, the novel i planned then was really only about 20,000 words, maybe. Well, halfjoking aside, the challenge was set and i began. I thought i’d shoot for 5,000 words a day, expecting to fall short each day, but it’d keep me pushing. It went like this though:

Sunday night: ~6,500 words
Monday: ~9,500 words
Tuesday: ~8,500
Wednesday: ~7,000
Thursday: ~10,500
Friday: ~4,000

Finished just a bit ago here at 46,298 words and i love it so much i could die. Lots of work to be done with it, not least of which is figuring out the order. See, i wrote it all out of order because there is no order. It ended up being 26 perspectives, 13 for Character A, 13 for Character B. It’s a story about these two characters as told by people who never met them or who barely knew them. It’s a mystery and it’s a love story and there’s even a lot of politics and religion in there. It’s an oddity, to be sure, but it breathes and sings with touches of magic thrown in because i can’t help myself. Anycase, the trick now is to fill up the holes in logic and inconsistencies that arose through the writing because i didn’t revise as i went, just pushed and pushed. I need to put the perspectives in an order that makes for the most drama and tension.

I’m calling it Noir: A Love Story.

Secondly, the Korean job search is going really well and I interview on Tuesday for a job that begins in November. Very excited and i think i’ll get it, 97% sure because i’m awesome and kill interviews.

Thirdly, Portland all next week, which is going to be insanely fun.

Fourthly, and maybe strangest, i may have gastrointestinal bleeding. At least that’s what the internet told me. I’ve only eaten a few handfuls of food this week and only slept for a few hours each day.

Writing a novel while working full time and dying isn’t easy.

But i did it.

Take care, StarChild.

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