Wave to Writers’ Bloc

Forgot to mention in the post yesterday that Writers’ Bloc is now closed, which is a bit of a heartbreak as they were surely one of the finest places on the web. My story that was meant to be out in August there never made the light of day because of this, but Foundling Review is picking up a lot of the lost stories and putting them out.

It’s sad news and the editor, Kevin Dickinson, is such a great guy and so damn good at what he does that it’s a true shame to see it closed. I understand, though.

Mostly, I just wanted to say thanks to Writers’ Bloc and Kevin for giving me a chance on stories that no one else believed in. My story Ghoul was almost universally hated, but Kevin saw the beauty in it, saw it for what i meant it to be rather than what he wanted it to be.

Anycase, here’s another chance to read Ghoul and visit Writers’ Bloc.