The World’s Greatest

It’s me, of course. I’m writing a werewolf novel and it’s going to be wildly experimental and everyone will hate it because most of it, maybe 90%, is going to be dialogue, and the second half is going to be one single conversation between two people. I wrote it on the train and the plane and i think i’m somewhere around 20% done, maybe. I can already tell, though, that it’ll need many rewrites because i’m slowly learning what it’s about as i go. That other one that i just wrote, man, it was all inside me without me knowing, all came together and made sense without me even trying. This one’s going to be effort, but i’m giving myself more time, no five day deadline, though i’d like to be done with it before October. After that comes the greatest steampunk novel ever written and i want to finish it before the year’s out, but, really, before i go to Korea, which gives it about a month or so. Anycase, the thing about these is that they’re genre novels and i don’t understand horror and i don’t read horror so it’s going to be the kind of horror that i pretend is horror, which means that it’ll probably just be some kind of collapsing reality and alienating tome that makes you weep from the loss of sensation. Or, you know, it’ll be stupid. The steampunk one keeps coming in flashes and dreams and it’s going to be so beautiful that i could weep and i want to tell everyone about it right now, but i need to save the words for when i begin it, which is also why werewolfism needs to get out of the way.

Three novels in three months: Doable.

In other news, my story that was meant to be out in Writers’ Bloc last month will be coming out in Foundling Review because they’re good people and accepted it because it was accepted by Writers’ Bloc, which should be indication as to how great Writers’ Bloc was.

Also, Portland and Seattle for the previous ten days and it was fantastic in all the ways that life can be. I killed my interview and will be moving to Korea in November.

My life is awesome. I am the greatest living magic realist.


Don’t crash. Not yet.

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