The time flies, oh, the time flies. They feed on rotting clocks.

I wrote another novel which i kept thinking was magic realism but is probably just straight fantasy since its hold on the real is tenuous at best. I think its about violence or love and always about memory and its relation to identity. There are giant trees, an immense forest that may be the birth canal of a new world, a foreverstorm, a world that can’t sleep and doesn’t have a sky, a world in flux, lost memories that live inside vagabond echoes, an infinite ocean that may be the bridge to our dead world, a mute healer who may be a god dreaming it all, and all sorts of things about transmutation, transubstantiation, and just plain transition. It’s a continuous linear unbroken stream of words from a single first person perspective, which made it taxing and difficult to write, especially when so much of this is about the absence of things, including time. But i love it for now. I’ve not read it through. Can’t. Daunting. It needs some work, i know, some ironing out to bend it into a sensible story. But i’m proud to have it finished and it only took nine days.

Madison [finally: one of ┬ámy best friends, Ian, has lived there for the last four years and i’ve never made a visit] for the weekend for Halloween, then onto Chicago for the beginning of next week to finalise my visa, then back home and a going away party for me that Friday. Big life.

Since i’ve stopped the daily updates, i’ve grown incredibly infrequent. I’ll try to pick it up. I’ll be sure to post before i leave to Korea and then shortly after arrival. Maybe.

days between

Been a while, yeah? I had a birthday, the first one i threw a party for, and it was highly successful as far as fun goes. Well, technically, my sister threw it, but it was truly a time to be had.

Lots of things have happened, mostly staring at walls and discovering what matters. About writing, i mean, so it’s not really that interesting. I’ll get to that below if i feel like it.

My short story, The Pier, has finally been published, which is great, because it’s one of my favorite stories and, i think, one of my strongest. It’s over at OWC, which is a cool place.

I really feel lazy so i may just leave this as is. Um, i’ll mention, though, that i quit the werewolf novel for various reasons. I’ll enumerate on them on a later date or maybe later today. Mostly, it’s a shift in focus. It’s not enough for me to write a good story or even a great story anymore. These stories need to matter, be important, be unforgettable, and ┬áneverending. And this werewolf one wasn’t that, so i dropped it. I may still finish it, but i’ll likely never try and do much with it.

Oh, got an acceptance today from Short, Fast, and Deadly, which is a cool place. My story will be up there in a month or so, i think. Check them out. Very cool medium.

Can’t stop listening to this, no matter how hard i try.