days between

Been a while, yeah? I had a birthday, the first one i threw a party for, and it was highly successful as far as fun goes. Well, technically, my sister threw it, but it was truly a time to be had.

Lots of things have happened, mostly staring at walls and discovering what matters. About writing, i mean, so it’s not really that interesting. I’ll get to that below if i feel like it.

My short story, The Pier, has finally been published, which is great, because it’s one of my favorite stories and, i think, one of my strongest. It’s over at OWC, which is a cool place.

I really feel lazy so i may just leave this as is. Um, i’ll mention, though, that i quit the werewolf novel for various reasons. I’ll enumerate on them on a later date or maybe later today. Mostly, it’s a shift in focus. It’s not enough for me to write a good story or even a great story anymore. These stories need to matter, be important, be unforgettable, and ¬†neverending. And this werewolf one wasn’t that, so i dropped it. I may still finish it, but i’ll likely never try and do much with it.

Oh, got an acceptance today from Short, Fast, and Deadly, which is a cool place. My story will be up there in a month or so, i think. Check them out. Very cool medium.

Can’t stop listening to this, no matter how hard i try.

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