the last day

So, yeah, today’s my last full day in america and i spent it doing nothing, which is kind of nice. Packing’s a chore and i’m awful and i’ll probably forget everything that matters but my life fits in one bag, so it could be worse.

Oh, too, the novella that i wanted to write this week, yeah, finished in record time, surely.

I’m excited. But sometimes it hits me all at once, What are you doing and why, and i don’t have any answers, never have, but i’m on my way, heading out the door into the great unknown.

So many people and things to miss, so little time. I wish i could write it all out but it’s just not in me these days. I’ve spent myself on fiction and can no longer keep up with the site properly. So it goes.

For some reason all my memories of Ireland and the love i felt there flooded back into me and i’m bursting with reminiscence. I loved those people. The friends i made there, the love we shared. And, man, saying goodbye to some people can kill you. It’s not easy especially when you’ve no idea when you’ll see them again. Could be a year, could be many. Life takes us all.

I’m completely speechless. I’m terrified. I’m enthusiastic. I can’t wait for tomorrow and i hope today never ends.

This is a beginning and an end, as all days must be.

Goodbye, america. I’ll see you on the otherside.

I will certainly miss these american skies.

I hope Korea’s stars shine bright.

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