where i’ve been and what i’ve seen

Man, i let this go so long that i’ve an obscene amount to tell. I’m alive and Korea does have stars, but only a few shine above Gwangju, my new home. I’ve been having a lot of fun and been doing a lot.

To be honest, most of the life stuff about Korea will be going up at ThunderDome, which is a site run by my good friends. The first instalment, which covers my journey from Minnesota to Gwangju is here.

I’ve been published a few times since arriving, too. One, a fun little children’s story i wrote a long time ago is over at ThunderDome, too. Moonchild can be read at the highlighted word.

I had a cool little piece up over at Short, Fast, and Deadly titled All Tomorrow’s Parties. Mine is the last one on the page. Also, my favorite story to be published is up at The Foundling Review. Read Après le Déluge. Exceptionally proud of that one, mind.

Man, i know there’s something else. I should’ve been more prepared to write this. Koreas great, though. Kung Fu Panda’s been on three times in two weeks, all sorts of odd television. The censors make no sense here as full frontal nudity is allowed but cigarettes and guns are blurred, which, yeah, hilarious. But, surely, the funniest part of Korea is that i can’t read Korean and everything’s in Korean.

Been listening to a lot of 16 Horsepower and Woven hand, which are, essentially, the same band. Think of a Denver version of Nick Cave and that’s close enough. Been reading, fiending on words. Going to do some exploring today and then who knows.

The job’s great, too, and i’ll be writing a post about that for ThunderDome as well.

I’ll be sooner next time.