hills at dawn

The entire wall of my apartment is a window and i always wake up around eight to see those mountains so close at hand and so green right before me. It’s a beautiful way to wake up.

It snowed yesterday, though. None of it stuck, but it did snow.

Finished a novella this week in about three days. 18,000 words, but i worry it’s too sentimental and doesn’t carry enough weight. It’s part two of three for my Death Cycle centred around the forgotten films of Sebastian Falke, the greatest filmmaker to ever not exist. Mostly, though, it’s about loss and the ways people handle death. The next one’s brewing in my head and i should begin next week and finish it quick like so as to have it done before the new year, which would put me at about 170,000 words written since the last week of August, which is pretty impressive, if i do say so. I’m impressed, anyrate.

The song above, i think, is very much the tone of the novella. The song below, well, it’s just sweet.

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