my words as an answer to the question you forgot

Craig Wallwork interviewed me at his website here. Check out the rest of his interviews and his stories at his site. Man’s a fantastic writer and just a great person in general. Feels odd being interviewed since I feel like i’ve yet to even begin trying to be a writer or whatever it is people should call what it is i do. But, here i am, being talked to.

Been feeling a bit out of sorts for the last two weeks and i think i should blame it on not writing. I’ve accidentally come to realise something too important about me. Luckily i’ve many projects in the works.

I. It Came from The Sea ~ 100k[?], Collection of Novellas
The Girl and Our Star
Once Upon A Time
He Came from The Sea
She Came from The Sea
The Man who Fell in Love with The Sea

II. To Leave Only Shadows ~ 20-50k, Novel(la)

III. The Day I Swallowed The Moon ~ 50k, Novel

IV. Deathwalker ~ 30-50k, Novel(la)

V. Creation Compositions 60k, Collection of Novellas
Creation Composition
Lost in the Woods

Those are the many things i’m meaning to write. Hopefully i’ll have them all done before summer. I think it’s possible, considering that one is 2/3rds done, another is 2/5ths done, and one of those will be done before the new year, hopefully [ideally] this week, which will put me at about 170k words since September, which is no small feet. So, that leaves about 200k words left for me to finish in six months. I think it could maybe possibly be doable. Depends on a lot of things, mostly my mood and its swings. Also, the schedule of life because it’s worthless to live across the globe if you spend all day inside writing. But part of this year is for writing. Part of its purpose, i mean. To have a room in which to write far away from all distraction. Of course, that’s quite a tertiary reason for coming here, if even that high.

Anyrate, adieu!