a new year

A year completed, 365 days since i started this site, 242 posts, which isn’t bad, but not so good considering i planned on one a day for a year. I lost discipline, though. Still, that’s a fairly big number, a lot of content, most of it stupid.

Anycase, it was a good year. I graduated college, got published sixteen times in eight of the twelve months of the year. Wrote my first novel. Wrote my second and third, too, all in the span of four months, totalling at about 170,000 words. Even began my fourth novel yesterday. I moved to Korea, even. It’s been a big year, and i expect great things out of myself and 2011.

It’s important to set yourself unreachable goals, so you can meet them, and realise your own infinite potential. I suppose that’s what New Year Resolutions are for, yeah?

That’s not what this is. A year is too hard to plan. These are just desires, wants, impossible things i will make possible.

1. 200,000 words by summer: another three novels, is what this is, as dictated in a previous post.

2. Get a literary agent: this should happen, no problem, so long as i try. I think. I want this by summer, too.

Those are the only real solid goals for the year. The rest includes travelling and living gorgeously, which i do simply by being. Strange and hilarious as my life is, i quite enjoy it. I live it well, and i do things. Action. It’s important. People don’t believe you when you tell them you’re moving to Korea. People don’t believe you when you say, I’m going to write a novel in five days. Nor do they believe that you can do anything.

But i can.

So long as i don’t crash.

And that’s something else i figured out. If i keep writing, never slowing down, just running and running on the keyboard, i can stay this high, constant mania, and not plummet through the earth and drown in my own head. That’s why the writing. That’s why i can’t take breaks, and that’s why everything else. There is little thinking in my life. I just do. I do not wonder or think. I act.

It works.

Accidentally zen, which makes me more so. Jane knows. She told me so.

I’m excited for this year. I’m excited to be me.

When i’m flying like this, hearing music, singing in silence, bursting with the magnificence of existence, i can do anything, even not burn alive.