to only leave shadows

is the name.

7,700 viewers to this page. I mention because that seems like a cool number. 7,700. I wonder how many ended here on accident only to delete the internet.

Writing and nothing else. I wake up and write till i go to work, only stopping to eat and shower. All day at work, the words run through my mind, racing, stampeding, singing, then i get home and write till i go to bed. Just write and work, write and work. The pace is blistering and only getting faster. 22k in two days. Absurd.

My wrist hurts, though, which is troubling. As you know I’ve a permanent wrist injury that is sometimes debilitating, but usually doesn’t give me too much trouble. I think the nonstop writing of the last two weeks has taken a toll on it, though. Or i may be sleeping stupidly on it again.

I sleep for winks at a time only to go more.

If i can get it all down right, prefectly, then everything else, maybe, will fall into place.

The mountains are green today and drinks with coworkers tonight after work, which means all the words are for the morning, which, i don’t know, a part of me wants to skip the drinks, but it’s important to remain alive. To stay with people and breathe and smile. Who knows, may even meet a lady tonight.