listen, hear spring, clear the snow

Had a bit of a mental collapse a few weeks ago, but i’m coming back round to the living. Been super bad about keeping everyone up to date on my life, mostly because life is rather uneventful here, truthfully. Been finding ways to have fun which have aided in alleviating my impending  psychological rapture.

German Bar is an awesome place and, if you make it this edge of the world, Gwangju, i mean, you should check it out. Best beer in Korea without question. The owner, too, is so nice. He spent some years in Germany and learnt the trade from a German brewmeister. Too, so very friendly, always at the door, shakes your hand, smiles, gives discounts to foreigner’s gives free food. It’s a rather relaxed atmosphere, which is so very different than the other foreign places here, where it’s more mad hatter mayhem than it is get to know and grow. Speakeasy, like, for example, much more madcap party than relax and drink some good drink. It’s owned by a foreigner, Scottish or English, i never can remember, and it’s always too loud for me to discern the accent proper. Live music sometimes, though, and so it goes, dance machine: fiend.

Making more of an effort to meet people than i ever have before in my life. It’s very unusual for me to do this. In normal real world life, without any effort, a flock of humans are around and they tend to decide my life, what i do, where i do it, and who i do it with. It’s a simple life and i love it that way. Here, though, i mean, everything’s so transient, and it’s a bit like that first year of university, so everyone is my friend for a night, but i may never even see them again. Adding to that, i’ve no phone still, so i’m difficult to get a hold of, which, too, is strange, since i’ve had a phone since i was fifteen or thereabouts.

But, yes, finding ways to enjoy myself in this strange land. Many things to share, though, if you’re on my facebook, you’ve likely seen what they are, so i just changed my mind and won’t put them here.

New Radiohead: glorious! Go off to pleasure your auditorial lobe in the most magnificent of ways.

And somehow i was unaware that The Decemberists had a new album out, and so i’m listening to it now, first time. Rather countryesque, folkier than usual, truly. A bit more Neil Young, maybe, or, i don’t know. It just feels like that old school kind of country, musically. Still very much The Decemberists, which means hooks, melodies, some interesting instrumentation, and narrative driven musics.

Four short stories written this week. Currently trying to relearn how to write. I wasn’t very good at it before, but i’m finding my command of language gets better with every day. I may even start submitting stories to magazines again. Shock and awe!

Hopefully finally getting around to my next installation for ThunderDome concerning my life in Korea.

Also, weather’s improving more and more each day, which is likely aiding the metaphysical woes.

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