young, rich, and reckless

Spent all day hating my body and the world, but laughing still. Yesterday, the height of reckless and my life’s combusting one evanescent moment at a time, but i’d have it no other way. The constantly fleeting past for the present of flux and the incandescent future.

So much of my life that i can’t remember and so many memories that never stay with me. Every day is an adventure, and every moment i forget what got me here. Foolish with women, with myself, stupid with money, with myself. I’m careless and alone. I’m the happiest man on earth.

Been writ-wri-writing. Back into short stories and i love it.

Novelling seems far away these days and i don’t have the patience to run on the keyboard for hours and hours. Quick bursts here and there, mostly flash fiction because it’s my favorite. Capturing a life in handfuls of words.

Entering final edits for Noir: A Love Story and then out to agents by May 1st.