this expatriated life

Quite tired of being a teacher. It’s getting to be time for me to sort out my next year, but nothing comes easy. If nothing else, i should have a lot of money saved. Maybe just wander around for a few months.

I love Korea and all, living here, enjoying life, but I don’t like working here. And i work too much, in my opinion, and my boss grows more difficult with each passing day. She’s essentially banned me from reading at work, so now i’ve hours of nothing to do, and only the daydreams and the manufactured lives to occupy my mind.

I don’t much think i’m cut out for teaching is the real thing.

Been having a lot of fun recently, though. Adventuring and the like. Being foolish with every woman i meet, forgetting yesterdays as fast as tomorrows come. Like living in a hole without time or memory, and i’m drifting. Drifting as i have for a lifetime. But i see these other expatriated lives, and i don’t envy them. Don’t want any of them. And the thought creeps, What is that ends up being me?

And so i’m searching for direction, but finding no easy answers.

Picture above credited to the ballerina project.

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