first words of the last poet

Been growing dissatisfied with publishing and don’t feel like going through the trouble. I just want the transfer of ideas to be instantaneous, from my fingers to your brain. Upload, jack, rewirte. In that vein, i may just start posting little ditties of amusement here. I’ve been writing fairytales at work, longhand, and they’re a great joy to me.

Lots of experimentation lately. About ten stories in the last week. Beginning to try once more to be published, too, and not just hoard all my lovely words that you lust for.

Two posts in five minutes! Losing an organ must’ve changed me more than i can properly admit, though this could get me onto a topic i’ve been avoiding thinking about completely and wholly because of the ramifications it has for my entire worldview and may lead to me being so completely disgusted with my body that it’ll rot away.

Take care, Star Child.

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