give me back

Another story today at OWC. Click the link for The First Words of the Last Poet. It’s barely over 200 words, so you should have time to read it, yeah?

Finally got to see Norwegian Wood, Tran Anh Hung’s adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s novel.

Beautiful and sad, just like the novel. Full of longing and melancholy and shortsighted hope. Absolutely loved it, really, but i’m sentimental. Beautifully shot, acted, and scored.

Bin Laden’s dead and people are quick to congratulate, not thinking about the ramifications of celebrating the murder of a man. Ten years to kill one man. Three wars, trillions of dollars, and we’ve given no relief to the victims of his attack or to the heroes who saved countless lives and’re now dying of cancer for being a hero. And, to add insult to this injury, they need¬†to prove they’re not¬†terrorists. That’s right. The New York firefighters who spent weeks saving people from the rubble of the twin towers must prove they are not terrorists before they can be eligible for the relief they are so dearly owed, if nothing else, then as gratitude.

Imagine if we celebrated this way every time we killed an Arab man.

So sing your songs, dance your praises, but remember that nothing’s changed. Not one single thing except there’s one more murder to add to the decade long massacre.