And always and forever more, I’ll be foolish and you’ll be graceful.

Beautiful song there from Max Richter.

So, you know how I started a tumblr a few weeks ago? Yeah, um, it exploded or something, so I’m done with it, which is probably for the best. Some weird kind of addiction, trying to get people to reblog the random things you find on the internet. But, yeah, I can’t go to the one I made and when I click the link, it says it’s an adult site, which, yeah, normal, I suppose.

Every week I get more foolish, do stupider and stupider things, meet more and more girls I have no intention of knowing, even for an hour. But, I mean, when a pretty girl talks to me, I stop thinking and just want her to keep smiling.

Girls are wonderful creatures and I’m very much a fan. And pretty girls are kind to me, more than I deserve, likely. Danielle thinks it’s because I’m pretty, but that’s nonsense. This vamplife wears me haggard and I tramp on drunkenly, shamelessly, laughing always.

But I’m the prudish type and I don’t want more than their smiles, their laughter.

I love you, always tomorrow.

My bizarre and baffling life with the fair sex.

People asked me, too, before I came to Korea if I was really into asian women. I don’t really have a preference for women, so long as they’re pretty. But Korean girls, I think, are very passive, and so nothing will ever happen there, as I’m far too passive. I need girls to tell me what to do or I just end up staring at the walls all day, listening to violins, dreaming all the lives I’ve made inside my head.

Maybe someday.

Take care, Starchild.