warmed and bound

As some of you know, this came out on Friday and has been selling well beyond expectations. Rather than talk much about it, I’m mostly going to post some links and let you, whoever you may be, teach yourself what it’s about.

Mostly, though, what you need to know is that it’s a short story anthology full of some amazing writers, small name to large name. The big guys, Brian Evenson, Blake Butler, and Steve Erickson [though he’s only doing the foreward]. The middle rangers are well represented, and then there’s a host of people like me, writing stories, hoping one day, maybe, we’ll be more than just people who write stories. But, yes, I’m in there, too, with a story called The Tree of Life.

The main website is here, at Warmed and Bound. Booked Podcasts are doing interviews with most [maybe all?] the authors involved, which is so very cool. Looks like I’m up for tomorrow, which might be really embarrassing. For me, I mean. They’re nice guys, though, and it was fun talking to them, though I forgot to mention so many things that I meant to talk about. Anyrate, such is life.

An interview, of sorts, was done by Jay Slayton-Joslin for many of the authors involved. Interview available at his site here: Jay Slayton-Joslin.

Book trailer done by Gordon Highland is right here:

Gordon was pretending like it wasn’t a big deal and that he just threw it together, but I think it looks dope.

What else?

Oh, I suppose I should list the sellers, yeah?


I was going to post the Barnes and Noble one, too, but there seem to be difficulties with that ish, which I’d comment on, but I don’t really know what to say. We were on the bestseller list there for an entire day, beating out Harry Potter, even, by the end.


But, yeah, that’s all from me, really. Oh, and kind of super digging Priscilla Ahn right now.

I don’t typically like singer songwriters, I feel, unless they’re women. Then it seems like I love them. She’s my newest fancy.

Pretty girls with pretty voices.

Take care, Starchild.

Take care.

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