the girl

Not a huge fan of tattoos, but I do love this one. She has a beautiful back as well.

I found a book of dreams and feel inside myself for days only to find traces and scratches of you.

I’ve been doing lots of nothing lately. I keep meaning to post, talk about political nonsensicality, about art and history, about love and blindness, about boredom.

But maybe boredom’s the one that matters most. It’s a strange time in life. I need to start planning my trip to France, but, as usual, nothing. Still two weeks, though, to get myself together. Put my face on.

Being a parent is like wearing your heart outside your body.

That was on 30 Rock. A surprisingly touching sentiment on a show that’s mostly just pretty silly, but that’s the kind of show I like.

I’ve nothing to say. I wrote a story the other day. I should get back into that.