uh oh francedance

Haven’t updated in a while because I’ve been in France, and, though I’ve had time, I’ve not had the ambition. Just was in Nantes the other day where I couldn’t not sing this:

I’m super sick right now, which is why I am finally updating. Been having a wild time here. So many pretty girls. Too many. The hostel in Paris was great fun with lots of young hooligans getting reckless, though that’s maybe why I’m sick now.

Been keeping a travelogue of sorts here with me, though it’s rather sporadic and reflective, as it probably has to be. Way too much about my dog, maybe, though how could I ever talk too much about my favorite part of life? And maybe it’s fitting that I discuss the dead while I travel because maybe we’ll see her again soon. Was crying, even, on the train yesterday, hundreds of miles from here, thousands from home.

This hostel’s rather opposite the Parisian one. While that was designed for a traveller to meet others and become one with the city, this one’s more designed for the live-in guest, methinks. My roommates are old and have been here for weeks, apparently. There’s no common room here or really any place to congregate, so I probably won’t meet anyone in Toulouse. I hope to do some exploring but all this cold mixed with this sickness might make it just become a place to recover, because I’d rather miss Toulouse than Nice, which is where I’m off to next.

I met a girl who looks like this

I never knew that Belgium would be a place I’d think about, but Belgian girls are cool. Pretty, too, and maybe one of them is the source of this illness.

Too much love.

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