quick update, of sorts

AWP was crazy. Worked at the Mud Luscious/The Lit Pub table with Molly Gaudry, JA Tyler, Josh Denslow, and a cycling cast of others. Finally got to meet so many people that I already internet knew, some of them I’d known for almost five years before finally seeing them in person, like all the Velvet guys, who’re so so so awesome and fun. Got to meet my publisher, Pablo D’Stair, too, which was amazing, as he’s basically just like me but with seven or so years added to his age.

In Ohio at Bonnie and Bart’s, which has been pretty great so far. We’ve been hanging out, living life out loud, but they’re working right now, so I’ve had the day to myself. I have about twenty or so books from AWP that I’ve been making my way through.

Too much to talk about and all I think about is her, my beautiful lady.