ash cinema tomorrow

But what isĀ Ash Cinema?

All information is here, a new page I made under the Publications portion of this site.

It comes out tomorrow. Unfortunately, I likely won’t have internet access tomorrow because I’ll be driving the long road back to Minnesota. But if I get a chance, I’ll post the appropriate links and so on.

It’s sort of nervewracking to have this novel come out, as it’ll really be the world’s first impression of what I can write. And by world I mean the twenty or so people who will read it. But still!

It’s my love letter to film and so I invented all the films I want to exist that don’t yet. And maybe one day I’ll be able to make them real, because, really, my whole life is the movies and it’s all I want to do. All I’ve ever wanted to do.

Anycase, I’ll let everyone know more on Sunday or Monday.

Till then, StarChild.