and then the day after

Back from Colorado, which was a delightful week full of too much fun involving _____________ and _____________ and mountaining all over the place.

Went skiing for the first time in maybe a decade and totally thrashed my hand, but it’s okay. I found I quite like skiing and might try doing it much more often next winter. Make it a habit, or something, maybe, if I have money.

Leaving for europe in seven days to be with a special lady.

Lots to be done this week. I want to finish at least one of these half finished novels and the essay/interview/novella I started forever ago. Also maybe write up a few recommendations for The Lit Pub.

And, of course, keep bothering people about Ash Cinema. Also, need to sort out what’s what with two other novels that’re sitting with publishers.

So much writing to do! But all I want to do is sing to you.

Two months in europe, hopefully I’ll have a bit of money left over to find a place to live in Minnesota. Possibly settling down is so strange. Maybe it’s worth it. Who can say? Who can quantify the calculus of the heart?

All to be with her smiling face.

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