curiouser and curiouser

I’ve been interviewed by Amanda Gowin at Curiouser and Curiouser about a wide array of random things. The interview took place in early March, so it’s very much who I was at that moment.

There are many more interviews coming there and a few that’ve already been done, so keep looking for them and checking back in.

Oddly, this reminds me I need to update all the links on the sidebar there, even though no one ever clicks them.

ash cinema’s first review

by Nicholas Karpuk, from Goodreads:

Edward Rathke walks a tightrope through most of Ash Cinema. I kept waiting for the pacing to collapse, for the stylized writing style to become masturbatory rather than merely indulgent. It was a waveform that seemed perpetually about to collapse.

But it doesn’t.

That’s the damndest thing. He never goes overboard and for all its ambition and need to describe thoroughly abstract concepts it never wallows in any one notion long enough for me to lose my patience. Rathke explores some pretty big concepts, and in attitude almost seems like a tiny dog trying to bite a giant beach ball, and yet you can’t help admire the determination and effort. For a literary novel he does an excellent job of not boring me.

Maybe it’s because of my recent interest in blues artist Robert Johnson, but I can’t sympathize for the issues of all three protagonists, who all have a tie in some form or another to elusive experimental artist Sebastian Falke. Falke’s films as they are described sound like the most utterly squirm-inducing, watch-checking sort of movie experience, but the story really gives you a sense of why these characters are drawn to the work all the same.

It ends on a surprisingly complete note. Normally I just consider the end where the novel stops, so when I actually find myself satisfied at the close of a novel, it’s noteworthy. Mr. Rathke has created a complete work here, one which is well worth the time of any reader.


Kicked out of a bar last night along with an aussie compatriot.

Getting crazy.

In Budapest right now and for six more days and it’s absolutely beautiful. One of my favorite looking cities I’ve been to. I thought about going to Romania, but my money’s running short and I think it’ll be nice to just hangout and not feel rushed in a city. The first time in weeks.

Romanian women are beautiful and, apparently, most of them are pornstars.

So there’s that.

even when i don’t update

I get more hits than I should, which is cool. Means someone cares, keeps coming back to see if I’m still living.

Mostly wandering these days, though. Poland. Krakow. It’s quite beautiful here. I’m planning on infodump posting about the last month or so in a proper way soonishly, but, as always, I’ll probably forget and just do nothing like that. Sitting round the hostel now, banging on the keyboard.

On a bus tour from Prague to Budapest and everyone’s australian, which is a pretty good time, as always.

Left my love, let her go.

Never let your love go.

but i did

and i likely will again and again

the strange life of a wild ydde