business as usual

Some write ups went up today. First, at Manarchy Magazine, now edited by the awesome Pela Via, is a list of my ten favorite things of the week here. I’ll be doing these every week, so join in the fun and let me know what you think about my favorite things.

What is Manarchy Magazine? A good question. It was newly relaunched and has taken a sort of shift. I suppose it’s still meant to be a men’s magazine but it’s mostly just a culture and art type place where cool kids do cool things. Some of those cool kids are viewable here.

Also, a new recommendation up at The Lit Pub by me about Caleb J RossAs a Machine and Parts published by Aqueous Books, which is a pretty awesome publisher. Also, The Lit Pub only has a few more days left in its inaugural contest, so if you have a novel, memoir, poetry/short story collection or some such things, check out the information here.

So many links here. But, yes, you know, business type aspect here.

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