reinventing language

Didn’t write anything in the novel today but I’m 20,000 words in so I’m not too concerned. It’s coming together, I think, growing stranger, larger, more surreal. The important thing is getting through the first draft. This will likely be the first novel I must make significant changes to once finished. I intend to reinvent the language a bit. Experiment probably too wildly, but when you’re writing pornography it’s important to make it so much more than simply sex.

It’s more a novel of ideas than it is a narrative in the proper sense. Or, it will be, but I suppose that’s standard for me. Anycase, there is a plot in this iteration. I plan on challenging the reader, though. For better or worse, I want to fight you, the reader. Always.

It will be a novel in four parts. Right now I imagine it’s first draft will be somewhere in the 60,000 range, but it’s final version may expand and balloon far beyond that. I feel as if I need to talk to someone about it.


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