mudluscious press needs your help

Words from MudLuscious Press‘ founder, JA Tyler:

–We recd. an enormous outpouring of support since yesterday, when we announced that Mud Luscious Press is in need of about $2K in order to publish the next two novel(la)s and next two Nephew titles for 2012. In fact, in the last 24 hrs. we made about 25% of that goal! Thanks so so much to everyone who ordered or donated, & if we can keep it up today and tomorrow, we stand a fantastic chance of making what we need! If you are game to support MLP, love what we do, and have a little cash to throw to the cause, consider pre-ordering Brandi Wells POISONHORSE, buying a bundle deal, ordering a backlist title from SPD, or even donating directly to us (via jatyler at Again, thanks to everyone who has bought a book to keep us alive in the indie publishing scene – we are so grateful for the support!–

One of my favorite independent publishers, and maybe one of the best, or at least most interesting and innovative.

If you’re not sure what exactly to buy, I highly recommend Matt Bell’s Cataclysm Baby, Molly Gaudry’s We Take Me Apart, Robert Kloss’ How the Days of Love & Diphtheria, Normal Lock’s Grim Tales, Geregory Sher’s The Oregon Trail is the Oregon Trail.

If you care about independent art, about stories and words and creativity, support it.

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